Baku prepared perfectly for European Trampoline Championships, UEG Technical Committee says

Baku prepared perfectly for European Trampoline Championships, UEG Technical Committee says

The organizers of the 26th European Trampoline, Double Mini-Trampoline and Tumbling Championships in Baku, which will be held on April 12-15, are very well prepared for the competitions. Based on the experience of the competitions held in the Azerbaijani capital  earlier, one can be sure that the organization will be at the highest level, the representatives of the Trampoline Technical Committee of the European Union of Gymnastics (UEG) said after the European Championships draw held in Baku today.

Vladimir Zeman, the head of the UEG Trampoline Technical Committee, said that during the second part of the meeting the committee experts examined the sports facilities, checked the computers preparing the results and so on. "In my opinion, everything is very well prepared, we need to come again and organize a very good, excellent championship in Baku," he said.

Speaking about the draw, the head of the committee explained that the very serious preparations had been made, so this draw was very quick and good. "Now we are prepared for the European Trampoline, Double Mini Trampoline and Tumbling Championships,” Zeman said.

A member of the UEG Trampoline Technical Committee, Irina Karavaeva,  said she had been in Baku before and stressed that the organization of any competitions in these sports indicates professionalism and a very high level of the Azerbaijani organizers.

The draw at the European Championship, according to Karavaeva, was open, transparent.

The member of the Technical Committee also said that trampoline as a sport has changed significantly since the inclusion in the program of the Olympic Games in 2000.

Luis Nuñez, a member of the UEG Trampoline Technical Committee, in his turn, stressed that, based on the experience of the previous competitions in Baku, UEG Trampoline Technical Committee has the best expectations. "Baku is a very friendly city, the Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation treats us like kings, we have a very good reception. I was not here at the World Cup, but I was at the 1st European Games, and everything was very good, the organization and the local committee helped, tried to provide the best conditions for gymnasts, "- he said.

Núñez stressed that it is very important to develop trampoline as a sport. "This is our main goal, we want this sport to become more and more significant, and of course this European Championship, which will serve as a qualification for the Youth Olympics, is very important, not only for us but especially for countries that want to get to these competitions, "- the member of the UEG Technical Committee said.

"Therefore, we expect that the tournament will be held at the highest level. The juniors will compete, and they are getting better and better, and we expect that the competitions will be very serious especially trampoline. That is why we are looking for new countries that will join us,’’ he concluded.


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