Baku rehearses opening of World Cup in Trampoline Gymnastics

Baku rehearses opening of World Cup in Trampoline Gymnastics

The National Gymnastics Arena in Baku hosted a rehearsal welcoming ceremony for the opening of the FIG World Cup in Trampoline Gymnastics.

The competition will be held on March 5-6 at the National Gymnastics Arena. It will be held in Azerbaijan for the first time and open the first season of the Olympic competitions. Athletes from Japan, Australia and the US will took part in in the World Cup along with gymnasts from European countries.

In total, the individual and synchronized programs will compete 78 gymnasts on trampoline - 46 men and 32 women - from 18 countries.

In general, 78 athletes representing 18 countries will compete in individual and synchronized trampoline (46 men and 32 women). 

Azerbaijan will be represented by the leader of the Azerbaijani national team in Trampoline Gymnastics, bronze medalist of the First European Games, Ilya Grishunin, gold medalist of the Open Azerbaijan Championships, Oleg Piunov, Dmitriy Fedorovskiy, Ruslan Aghamirov and finalists of the First European Games Svetlana Makshtarova and Sabina Zaitseva.

The qualifications on the first day of the competitions (March 5) will be followed by finals next day, Trend reports.

The audience will have a chance to participate in the various contests and get presents from the organizers.