Baku to host European Championships in Rhythmic and Aerobics Gymnastics soon

Baku to host European Championships in Rhythmic and Aerobics Gymnastics soon

Baku will host joint European Championships in Rhythmic and Aerobics Gymnastics this May. The organization has been entrusted to Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation.

The first one to be held at the National Gymnastics Arena on May 16-19 will be the 35th European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships. In the course of the 4-day Championships, senior gymnasts in individual program and junior gymnasts within group exercises will perform accordingly.

The first day of the events will be commenced by the performances of junior teams in group exercises. On May 17, only senior gymnasts will test their strength on the floor. On the 3rd day of the Championships, the names of the winners in team competitions (based on total scores of senior individual and junior group gymnasts) and all-around events of groups  will be announced. 

Finally, on the last day of the tournament, the names of the best gymnasts of Europe in each apparatus will be known. The athletes from 35 countries are expected to participate at this Championships.

The 11th European Aerobic Gymnastics Championships in Baku on May 24-26.

At the 3-day Championships, the Aerobic gymnasts, competing for the medals, will define the strongest ones among themselves. Senior and junior gymnasts will compete in the programs of “Individual Women”, “Individual Men”, “Mixed Pairs”, “Trios”, “Groups”, as well as “Aerobic Dance”, “Aerobic Step” (only seniors). According to the rules, a participant may compete in maximum three Aerobic categories. In the team competition, the winners will be defined for the 5 best performances. There will be both qualifications and finals in each category. Gymnasts from 22 countries are expected to perform at the Championships


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