Barinov: Russia needs monitoring of ethnic conflicts

Barinov: Russia needs monitoring of ethnic conflicts

The head of the Federal Agency for Nationalities, Igor Barinov, proposes establishing a multilevel system of monitoring and forecasting of ethnic and religious conflicts in Russia.

He said at a meeting with Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev that he considered it a priority for the agency. "We have tried to analyze the legacy that we have from other ministries and agencies, and have already decided on the first and most important steps. We believe that in the first place we need to run a full-fledged multi-level system of forecasting, monitoring, analysis of ethnic and religious conflicts," the head of the department said.

He explained that "this system will be based on information from other federal bodies of executive power, from the regions, from the law enforcement agencies, the information will be divided into open and closed parts."

"All this information will be accumulated in the situation center of the agency and will help us to understand in advance where we have a threat," TASS cited Barinov as saying.

The Prime Minister agreed that the "task of the new executive authority is to calculate the risks, accumulate proposals to create programs and offer solutions." At the same time, he acknowledged that they haven't got "huge funds for this purpose". However, the Prime Minister asked Barinov "to evaluate all opportunities that new agency will have, and to make suggestions on how to efficiently use the money, as well as to formulate proposals on which of these programs are necessary to reformat."


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