Beirut protesters seize Foreign Ministry building

Beirut protesters seize Foreign Ministry building

In Beirut, protesters occupied the Lebanese Foreign Ministry building. According to local media, at the moment, there are police officers near the building, who are negotiating with the protesters. It is noted that the protesters burned the portrait of President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, and declared the Foreign Ministry building their headquarters.

Almost the entire city center has become a battlfield for riot control units fighting protest activists. According to the Lebanese Red Cross Society, more than 120 people have already been injured in the Lebanese capital, TASS reports.

Recall, on August 4, a powerful explosion took place at the warehouse in the port of Beirut. According to the Lebanese Ministry of Health, 158 people were wounded, another 6 thousand were injured. The blast wave destroyed and damaged dozens of houses, more than 300 thousand people, including 100 thousand children, were left homeless.