Belarus bans exit via land border checkpoints due to coronavirus pandemic

Belarus bans exit via land border checkpoints due to coronavirus pandemic

Belarus closes its land borders for those leaving the country amid the novel coronavirus pandemic, as follows from the government resolution of December 7 that was published on Thursday.

The document amends the April 8 resolution that was geared to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"To temporary suspend crossing of the Belarusian state border by Belarusian nationals and foreign holders of residence permits leaving Belarus," the resolution reads. The restrictions are applicable at all land border checkpoints and are to come into effect ten days after the document’s signing, TASS reported.

Meanwhile, no restrictions are imposed for those entering the country. However, they are obliged to "stay in self-isolation for ten calendar days after entering Belarus." Apart from that, foreign nationals older than six are required to have a medical document certifying a negative coronavirus status. This requirement is not applicable to the holders of residence permits.

Belarus did not impose any coronavirus lockdowns, with mass gathering not being banned. The authorities pledge that the country’s public health system is prepared for the second wave of the epidemic. However, people are requested to wear face masks in public places. A vaccination campaign as part of post-registration tests of the Russian Sputnik V anti-coronavirus vaccine kicked off in Belarus from October 1.

As of today, Belarus reports 152,452 confirmed coronavirus cases, or 1.6% of the population, 129,950 recoveries, and 1,230 fatalities.


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