Berik Imashev: one would recommend Azerbaijan's experience of holding elections to all

Berik Imashev: one would recommend Azerbaijan's experience of holding elections to all

The members of Azerbaijan's precinct election commissions showed extremely high competence in carrying out its activities, chairman of the Central Election Commission of Kazakhstan Berik Imashev, who monitored Azerbaijan's presidential election as part of the CIS Interparliamentary Assembly's observation mission.

"The CIS mission from Kazakhstan included 34 observers in five regions, and all our observers note that the elections organized a high level. We also confirm it. We want to note that members of precinct election commissions showed high competence in carrying out its activities. We associate this with the fact that Azerbaijan attracts professionals for organizing elections not only at the central level but also at the lower levels," he does.

According to Berik Imashev, he would recommend this positive experience to the whole world. "Kazakhstan is carefully studying this Azerbaijani experience of personalization of lower-level electoral commissions. And I think that these elections have once again demonstrated that the republic's success deserves special attention, and, perhaps, we even integrate it into our legislation," the chairman of the CEC of Kazakhstan said.

He also noted the high turnout in the elections. "Perhaps some countries might not understand such a high turnout and our electoral legal culture in general. The people's unity on the day of elections deserves all approval and support .And I agree with other observers that all the necessary conditions for the people's free expression of the will were created," Berik Imashev concluded.


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