Beşiktaş fans blame Arda Turan for being racist

Beşiktaş fans blame Arda Turan for being racist

A Beşiktaş fan group has sent a letter to Barcelona club about its player Arda Turan, who supported a “yes” campaign prior to a referendum in which people will vote constitutional amendment draft that proposes presidential system.

“The constitutional amendment draft, which imposes a strongman regime, will be presented via referendum to Turkey’s people in April 2017. With these amendments, all power will be consolidated in one person, all opposition will be suppressed and destroyed," the letter said.

"We’ve wanted them to understand Arda’s mindset. This mindset is racist, sectarian, anti-secular. In addition to all these crimes, it aims to consolidate all power within themselves by means of the new constitution and to suppress the opposition and people," Bianet cited the letter as saying.