Biden directs federal government to purchase more U.S.-made goods

Biden directs federal government to purchase more U.S.-made goods

U.S. President Joe Biden took steps Monday to encourage the federal government to buy more American-made products, a move the new administration argues will protect U.S. jobs and juice an economy severely hobbled by the coronavirus pandemic.

Biden signed an executive order at the White House and delivered remarks on an initiative he said will advance several policies to boost the federal government’s purchase of U.S.-manufactured goods and services.

Biden’s order increases the domestic content threshold, which is the amount of a product that must be made in the U.S. before it can be purchased by the federal government.

In addition, the order will close loopholes that critics say federal agencies often use to get around requirements that they buy American products, USA Today reported.

The order calls for a central review of requests for waivers to Buy American rules and the creation of a website that will be available to the public. U.S. manufacturers will be able to see those waivers and determine whether they are in a position to provide the requested goods. That will help more American companies compete for and win federal contracts and ensure communities who have been historically left out of federal procurement contracts are able to compete, according to Biden. 

"When we buy American, we will buy from all of America," Biden said. "This is a critical piece of building our economy back better and including everyone in the deal this time, especially small businesses that are badly hurting in this economy."

The order that Biden will sign is expected to include a clear timeline for updating domestic content requirements and a process for reducing unnecessary waivers, which the administration argues would fundamentally change how the program operates.

Agencies will be required to report twice a year on their implementation of Made in America laws.


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