Biden to restore pre-Trump rules for processing immigrants

Biden to restore pre-Trump rules for processing immigrants

U.S. President-elect Joe Biden said Monday that he couldn't just 'throw a switch' at the southern border to restore the asylum rules in place before President Donald Trump took office. 

"We will have to have a process to ensure everyone's health and safety, including the safety of asylum seekers hoping for a new start in the United States free from violence and persecution," Biden told reporters at Wilmington's Queen theater.  

"We were briefed on the steps needed to clean up the humanitarian disaster that the Trump administration has systematically created on our southern border. We will institute a humane and orderly response," Daily Mail cited him as saying.

'That means rebuilding the capacity we need to safely and quickly process asylum seekers without creating a near-term crisis in the midst of a deadly pandemic," the president-elect said. 

He blasted the Trump administration for eroding the U.S. system's processing capacity. "It’s going to take time to rebuild it. And we’re going to work purposefully and diligently to responsibly roll back Trump’s restrictions starting on day one," Biden noted.

In January 2019, the Trump administration introduced the 'wait in Mexico' policy that makes asylum seekers - mainly from central American countries - wait in Mexico while their asylum claim goes through a back-logged U.S. immigration court. 


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