Britain prepares special operation against Russia

Britain prepares special operation against Russia

Britain’s special forces will take on a new covert mission against China and Russia as they shift their focus to countering “big state adversaries”, a senior military chief has revealed, The Times reports. Brigadier Mark Totten said that the SAS and SBS would have more time and assets for “higher risk” counterstate tasks requiring more detail, planning and specialist expertise.

According to The Times, army sources said special forces might be given “politically treacherous” tasks such as training the navies of countries near the South China Sea to better defend against Chinese hostility.

According to Totten, special forces will also focus on complex missions against Russia and China. Thus, they need "the knowledge and experience.”

He further noted that the special forces can work together with the British intelligence service MI6 - they will monitor the military and intelligence units of the Russian and Chinese sides, RIA Novosti reports.


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