British Museum says 1,311 treasures found last year

British Museum says 1,311 treasures found last year

A well-preserved medieval brooch featuring what could be dragon and dog decorations is among a record number of objects discovered last year by the metal detectorists.

The British Museum announced that 1,311 finds which are defined as treasure had been found by members of the public across England, Wales and Northern Ireland in 2019.

They also included an iron age drinking set, a solid gold bronze age arm ring and a coin which helps tell the story of Carausius, a usurper emperor who in 286AD broke Britain away from Europe, in an adventure which ended badly.

Michael Lewis, the head of the British Museum’s portable antiquities scheme, said the 1,100-year-old brooch discovered in Norfolk was a particularly striking and rare discovery.

"It is an amazing example of Anglo-Saxon art of the period," he said. "When the finder found it the reaction was, is this old? It could be something more modern which was inspired by the past. Your gut reaction might be that it was Victorian.”

The brooch has a distinctive stylised Anglo-Saxon decoration called Trewhiddle. It features plant motifs, geometric design and animal art which seems to include boar, dragons and dog-like creatures.

"On the back it still has its catch plate so in some ways you could almost pop it back on and wear it again, it is in such good condition," The Guardian cited Lewis as saying.


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