Building in Istanbul collapses due to heavy rains

Building in Istanbul collapses due to heavy rains

Torrential rains in Istanbul triggered a landslide on a construction site in the Sütlüce neighborhood today, stripping away an apartment building’s foundation and causing it to collapse.

Local officials dispatched firefighters, ambulances and police units to Sütlüce’s İmrahor Avenue as amazed locals watched on as a four-storey building stood on a cliff without its foundation.

The road was closed to both pedestrians and car traffic as a precaution. The building eventually collapsed at 12:10 p.m, causing no casualties, Hurriyet Daily reported.

The building’s owner Emin Ertürk said they had warned authorities about the construction of a hotel in the adjacent plot, which he said was financed by former Barcelona footballer Arda Turan.