CIS begins struggle against Daesh

The CIS countries are taking joint steps to combat international terrorism and Daesh in particular. The text of the statement by the Heads of the CIS countries was agreed on today at a meeting of the expert group in Minsk.

Taking into account comments and proposals from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine the participants of the meeting, finished the draft document, taking a vote. The title of the draft declaration was changed to the "Declaration of the Heads of states, the participants of the CIS on further joint efforts to combat international terrorism," the statement says.

The press service also noted that the draft declaration was developed by the Russian side. In particular, it "expresses concern about the increased threat posed by terrorism to international peace and security. Terrorism was strongly condemned in all its forms and manifestations. Terrorist acts cannot be justified by ideological, religious, political, racial, ethnic or other reasons."

The proceedings of the expert group meeting will be sent to the Commonwealth countries for the internal negotiations of the draft documents. After that they will be considered by the heads of the states.

Military commentator at TASS, retired Colonel Viktor Litovkin drew attention in an interview with a "Vestnik Kavkaza" correspondent, to the fact that today a threat of terrorism in the CIS countries is very serious. 

"Terrorists of Daesh penetrate not only into Europe, but also into Russia. Radical preachers are trying to recruit people in the North Caucasus, Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Kalmykia. In addition, they are active in the neighboring Russian region – Central Asia. The recent events in Kazakhstan has confirmed this fact. Daesh works in nearby Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq. All this poses great danger to the CIS countries that should unite their efforts to prevent possible terrorist acts," he said.

Director of the Institute of the EAEC, a member of the Zinoviev club at MIA "Russia today", Vladimir Lepekhin focused on the fact that it is necessary to understand the origin of terrorism. 

"It is clear that the terrorists who tried to seize military unit in Kazakhstan, were supported by some terrorist organization. We should find out who manages it and who are the sponsors. Only after that it will become possible to develop some kind of a common strategy to combat terrorism,'' the expert said.


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