'Cautious and growing optimism' for Iran nuclear deal: Russia

'Cautious and growing optimism' for Iran nuclear deal: Russia

Russia believes that there is "cautious and growing optimism" concerning a nuclear deal with Iran and that a positive outcome will arrive within three weeks following Saturday's third round of negotiations in Vienna, where parties want to entice the U.S. back into an accord, Daily Sabah reports. 

A diplomatic source from the E3 powers of Britain, France and Germany said, "We have yet to come to an understanding on the most critical points. Success is by no means guaranteed, but not impossible."Iran's delegation head and Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi, speaking to state broadcaster IRIB, said the negotiations had "reached a maturity."

"We have started writing texts and this is where the work actually progresses rather slowly, since working on the text requires accuracy and considering that some issues are still disagreed on, the work goes on slowly."

"Sanctions that are ... sector-related ones – such as sanctions on Iran's energy sector, which includes oil and gas, or sanctions on the auto industry, banking and finance, insurance and ports – based on agreements made so far, all these sanctions must be lifted. And there is agreement on it, too," he added.