Cavusoglu to discuss Azerbaijan border security with Lavrov

Cavusoglu to discuss Azerbaijan border security with Lavrov

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu plans to discuss Azerbaijan border security with his Russian colleague Sergey Lavrov during the upcoming talks in Sochi.

"We cooperate with Russia in many spheres, even though our views differ on some issues. We have different opinions on Syria, but our cooperation that started due to the Astana process continues. We are on different sides in Libya as well, but we shared with Russia our high-level work that was done to establish a permanent ceasefire," the Turkish top diplomat said during a press conference in Ankara on Monday.

"We will also discuss the matter of Azerbaijan and Armenia. It is necessary that Azerbaijan border security be ensured within the framework of international law. On this issue, we will consider the steps that need to be made," he added.

The Russian Foreign Ministry informed earlier that Cavusoglu would visit Russia’s Sochi on December 29 to take part in the eight session of the Joint Strategic Planning Group, which forms part of the Turkish-Russian High Level Cooperation Council.


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