Charity marathon: widows and children of Krabakh martyrs waiting for help

Charity marathon: widows and children of Krabakh martyrs waiting for help

War is always a tragedy. This is the tragedy of the people and individuals, crippled both physically and morally. The tragedy of families who suffered terrible losses that etched in the souls. The war that deprived beloved ones, leaving only the bitterness of loss, remains forever in the memory.

A fifth of the Azerbaijani territory was occupied for three decades. Despite the fact that this territory is recognized by the international community as Azerbaijan’s, the invaders destroyed houses and forests, natural and cultural monuments, thwarted all attempts to resolve the problem through negotiations, ultimately leaving no other chance except the war.

Last autumn, the Azerbaijani army liberated its territories from the Armenian occupation. But the price of victory was the lives and health of young soldiers. All representatives of the Azerbaijani people - Russians, Jews, Talysh, Lezgins, Avars, Turks - together opposed the regime preaching the fascist ideology of Nzhdeh.

On April 29, 2021, the Fund for Support to Azerbaijani Diaspora initiated a charity marathon. All money gathered through the Yashat fund will be directed to help families who lost their sons and to wounded soldiers. Many of those killed and wounded were the only breadwinners in their families. Their wives and small children were left without support

Theatre and film director, TV presenter and actor Yuli Gusman appealed to people calling them to take part in the marathon: “The idea of ​​the Yashat Foundation is wise, pure and noble because the memory of the martyrs is not only memorials, monuments, names that bear streets and schools. This is a winged dream about the future of our country, this is about proud, honest, noble and courageous people. Wherever we live, in Russia or any other country, it is important to help the foundation, participate in its activities and be a part of this important cause, which is called Yashat". Khalid Teymur Ekram from Pakistan recalled that last December, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Alev signed a decree on the Council of the Foundation to support the wounded, as well as the martyr families. The Yashat Foundation plays a very important role in the rehabilitation of wounded soldiers and helps families of the recent 44-day war’s martyrs.”

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