Charles Aznavour criticizes Armenian authorities

Charles Aznavour criticizes Armenian authorities

The French singer of Armenian descent Charles Aznavour, who likes occasionally to point to the failures of the Armenian government, has made new revelatory statements against the country’s authorities, AzerNews reported.

“While one is being imprisoned for stealing two eggs, those who stole millions go unpunished,” Aznavour, who is, for the record, Armenia’s Ambassador to Switzerland and UNESCO, told the French publication Nouvelles d’Armenie. He warned that if this keeps up, Armenia may one day disappear, and the leaders of the country will be responsible for this.

Aznavour has repeatedly criticized the Armenian government and the ruling regime for its political and economic failures. In his earlier interview, he was noting that Armenia is becoming more and more empty every day, and in the near future the country will turn into an empty shell. “Who benefits from this? Only three rich hooligans? Three mobsters?” Aznavour inquired.


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