Chechen leader 'temporarily incapacitated,' puts PM in charge

Chechen leader 'temporarily incapacitated,' puts PM in charge

The leader of Russia's North Caucasus region of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, has temporarily left office due to what he called his "temporary incapacitation", Radio Liberty reports.

Kadyrov's order dated January 13 was placed on the Chechen government's website.

"I entrust the chairman of the government of the Chechen Republic, Muslim Magomedovich Khuchiyev with carrying out the duties of the head of the Chechen Republic as of January 13, 2020 for the period of my temporary incapacitation," the document says, without giving any other details.

In February last year, Kadyrov left Khuchiyev in his stead exactly for the same reason. The wording of the February 11, 2019 document does not differ from the latest one.


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