Chinese expert: coronavirus could linger in Europe for two years

Chinese expert: coronavirus could linger in Europe for two years

Europe must give up on the idea that the Covid-19 pandemic will be over soon and instead prepare for a battle that could last for up to two years, head of Shanghai’s Covid-19 clinical expert team Zhang Wenhong said during a videoconference organised by the Chinese consulate in Düsseldorf.

“It would be perfectly normal if the virus comes and goes, and lasts for one or two years,” the Chinese expert on infectious diseases said.

“I can tell you now, forget the idea that the pandemic will come to an end in Europe in the near future,” South China Morning Post cited him as saying.

“To resolve this outbreak in a short period of time, measures have to be extremely radical,” Zhang said, adding that China was able to impose widespread city lockdowns thanks to the fact that the initial outbreak coincided with the Lunar New Year holiday, when schools and businesses were set to close anyway.

“If only the whole world could stop moving for four weeks, the pandemic could be stopped,” he said.

“But I cannot imagine a total global suspension ever possibly happening. Not even in Germany or Europe," the expert added.


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