Chinese tourists hospitalized in Moscow test negative for coronavirus

Chinese tourists hospitalized in Moscow test negative for coronavirus

Chinese tourists, who were hospitalized on Saturday from a Moscow hotel, have tested negative for novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV, the city health department’s press service said, TASS reports.

"All Chinese tourists, who were sent to an infectious diseases hospital yesterday night, have been examined. Their lab test for coronavirus 2019-CoV is negative," the press service said. "The virus has not been detected."

All patients will be discharged from hospital except for one woman, who was diagnosed with type A flu. "She is undergoing the required treatment and is receiving a standard anti-virus therapy, and she is showing positive dynamics. She is doing well and she will be discharged soon," the press service said.

Earlier, the press service of the Moscow health department told TASS that all Chinese citizens who were hospitalized from hotel Art Moscow Voikovskaya were in satisfactory condition and had no signs of a complicated course of acute respiratory viral infection, especially pneumonia.

Some 220 Chinese citizens, who had arrived on January 25, were staying at the hotel and eight of them were rushed to hospital, its director Mikhail Volkov told TASS. None of them had come from Wuhan.

The outbreak of pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV was registered in late December last year in a big central Chinese city of Wuhan. Now the number of confirmed cases of disease has reached 2,002 and the death toll has hit 56. Another 2,700 people are suspected of having the coronavirus, which has been registered in nearly all Chinese regions, including in Beijing and Shanghai.

Coronavirus cases have also been reported in Australia, Vietnam, South Korea, Singapore, the United States, Thailand, France and Japan. The World Health Organization has recognized the virus outbreak as a national emergency for China but has so far refrained from declaring it a global health emergency.