Chingiz Abdullaev responds to Jurgen Klopp: Baku is one of the safest cities

Chingiz Abdullaev responds to Jurgen Klopp: Baku is one of the safest cities

People’s Writer of Azerbaijan Chingiz Abdullayev through his Facebook account condemned the statement made by Liverpool Football Club coach Jurgen Klopp, who criticized the choice of Baku for holding the UEFA Europa League Final match on May 29.

Chingiz Abdullaev acknowledged that Klopp is "an absolute professional and an outstanding specialist." “But his statements about the choice of Baku offended me.“ What did they eat for breakfast when they chose Baku for the final match? ”He asked. And now I want to clarify, Herr Klopp. What did he eat for breakfast when he allowed himself such caddish remarks about my country. I just want to remind German Klopp that the ideology of national socialism was based on the division of peoples into Aryans and second-rate ones to be eliminated. All of Slavs, Jews, Gypsies. Of course, he does not make such wild statements. But it smells like very strong basic disregard for the other country and other people! " the writer warned.

In addition, he commented on the statement made by the British Foreign Office, calling on fans to be careful in Baku. "Great Britain has made a special contribution to the culture and development of civilization with its language, history, literature, music and science. And my respect for this country is immense. But to make a statement that tourists should be wary of night attacks in Baku, is quite incorrect. Show me bars and restaurants, where foreigners have been robbed in recent years. At least a few? Or do you need proof that Baku is a much safer city than London, where it is better not to visit some blocks at night?” Chingiz Abdullayev wondered.

He stressed that today Baku is among the safest cities in the CIS. "In recent years, we held so many international events that were broadcasted to the whole world. And I have not heard about incidents with foreigners anywhere. Rather, on the contrary, we need to fear the violence of English fans, some of who are not allowed in continental Europe. Not a good thing, gentlemen. Not quite honest, "the writer pointed out.

“I’m not a jingoistic patriot and not a nationalist. But when someone defiantly and unjustly offends my country and my people, I just can’t stand silent,” Chingiz Abdullayev concluded.