Civilian wounded from Armenia's missile attack on Gabala

(c) General Prosecutor's Office
(c) General Prosecutor's Office

A civilian resident of Azerbaijan's Gabala district, being far from the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict zone, 17-years-old Murad Amirbayov was wounded as a result of a missile attack by Armenian Armed Forces on October 22, the General Prosecutor's Office said.

According to the data, five houses were damaged following the missile shelling.

The officers of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Azerbaijan are taking the necessary operationally-investigative measures.

On the morning of Oct. 22, the Armenian armed forces fired "SCUD" ballistic missiles at Azerbaijan’s Gabala, Kurdamir and Siyazan cities, which located far away from the battle zone. Three ballistic missiles were fired at Siyazan, 2 at Gabala, and 1 at Kurdamir.


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