Construction of Turkish stream about to begin

Construction of Turkish stream about to begin

According to the Ministry of Energy of Russia, the construction of the Turkish Stream pipeline is to be launched shortly. The organization expects to sign the remaining documents in the coming days, including the permit for the pipeline construction.

"We are waiting for a response from Turkey. We will meet again. At present we are waiting for their permits. The date the intergovernmental agreement on the construction of the pipeline to be signed is unknown yet. We are waiting for a reply from them. The date will become known as soon as we receive the necessary permit," RIA Novosti cites a source in the Ministry of Energy.

"We are waiting for the permit. Gazprom is working on it now,’’ the organization stressed.

Gazprom received first Ankara's permits for the implementation of the Turkish stream on Wednesday. According to the Minister of Energy, Alexander Novak, the intergovernmental agreement will be signed in October. Prior to that the road map agreement will be worked out.