Coronavirus spreading across the world: infection reaches every continent

Coronavirus spreading across the world: infection reaches every continent

The novel coronavirus continues to spread across the world - now present in 37 countries. As of now, every continent except Antarctica has reported coronavirus cases.

Meanwhile, South Korea has the most coronavirus cases outside of China. As many as 1,595 people have been infected in the country and 13 have died, health authorities say.

As for Europe, most coronavirus cases have been reported in Italy, where the number of patients has reached 470, with at least 12 dead.

The first cases of the infection have been recently confirmed in Denmark, Estonia, Norway and Romania.

Georgia, Israeli, India, Algeria, Egypt, UAE, Northern Macedonia, Germany, France, Great Britain, Finland, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Croatia, Brazil also reported cases.

At least 60 Americans have tested positive for coronavirus, U.S. health officials say. Cases have also been reported in Canada. Australia has confirmed a total of 22 cases of the novel coronavirus.

In the Middle East, Iran has reported least 139 cases. The total official number of deaths due to coronavirus in Iran stands at 15.

Russia has had two confirmed cases of coronavirus so far. Both were Chinese nationals who have since recovered and been released from hospital. Three Russians from the Diamond Princess cruise ship have tested positive for coronavirus.

Over 82,180 people have so far been infected in China, where the virus originated. The death toll has reached 2,800, while more than 32,900 patients have recovered, China’s National Health Commission said. 

On December 31, 2019, Chinese health officials reported a cluster of cases of acute respiratory illness to the World Health Organization in Wuhan, an economic and industrial metropolis with a population of 11 million. The virus - now named COVID-19 (2019-nCoV), otherwise known as the novel coronavirus - was identified on January 7, 2020.

The death rate from the novel coronavirus in the country currently stands at 3.49%. However, experts point to a decline in the infection growth rate.

COVID-19 typically causes flu-like symptoms including a fever and cough. In some patients these symptoms can develop into pneumonia, with chest tightness, chest pain, and shortness of breath.


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