Costa Rican prospects of Baku

Costa Rican prospects of Baku

The first embassy of Costa Rica in Azerbaijan has been recently opened in Baku. It became 64th diplomatic mission in the country. American expert on international relations Peter Tase discussed the importance of this event for Azerbaijan and its contacts with Central America in an interview with Vestnik Kavkaza.

According oto him, there are many areas of production where the Republic of Azerbaijan can benefit from the presence of the Embassy of Costa Rica in Baku. "First of all: the exports to the Central American nation of the well acclaimed Azerbaijani Tea Leafs, Tobacco products, Almonds, Wine of high quality and Hazelnuts, are some of many organic products that would be highly beneficial for both countries," he said.

"Collaboration in the field of design, innovation and improvement of Medical Instruments with the help of Costa Rica's and Azerbaijani scientists would be another area of interest. The Establishment of Education Programs, Promotion of Azerbaijani Multiculturalism Values and Inter-Religious Dialogue through a potential cooperation between the Baku International Multiculturalism Centre and the Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica (National University of Costa Rica) are also important," he noted.

"It is certain that over the last few years, the Costa Rican Government has been carefully observing the economic competitiveness and constant growth, macroeconomic stability and the war against corruption and organized crime that the Government of President Ilham Aliyev has pragmatically implemented and has been commended at the international stage.  Moreover, the admirable fight against poverty in the Republic of Azerbaijan, is another tremendous success that has played an important role towards having the first embassy of Costa Rica in the Caucasus Region and to be inaugurated soon in the beautiful city of Baku," he stressed.

Costa Rica also opened embassies in the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Norway and Indonesia. "This is a historic moment for Azerbaijan and it is not a mere coincidence to have the Government of President Luis Guillermo Solis, to take the decision to open this important diplomatic post in Baku. The attractive public policies of Azerbaijani Government under the great leadership of President Ilham Aliyev; dynamic economic reforms of the Land of Fire; the growing potential of Tourism sector in Azerbaijan; the Industrial, Agricultural and Technological Innovations that are continuously taking place throughout Azerbaijan (including the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic), are some of the reasons that have convinced the Costa Rican Authorities to be diplomatically represented in Baku," he concluded.