Crimea hails Kiev’s plans to resume passenger traffic with peninsula

Crimea hails Kiev’s plans to resume passenger traffic with peninsula

Kiev’s plans to resume passenger traffic with Crimea will be for the benefit of the two countries’ citizens, but first the Ukrainian authorities need to restore infrastructure on the border, First Deputy Parliament Speaker Efim Fix said, TASS reports.

Earlier, Ukrainian Infrastructure Minister Vladislav Krikliy announced plans to resume regular passenger traffic to Crimea. The tender for transport operators will be held by local authorities jointly with the Ministry of Infrastructure.

During his trip to the Kherson Region in July, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky ordered to complete the construction of checkpoints on the border with Crimea by December 2019.

"Sober voices are heard among Ukrainian officials, who understand that all steps by the previous Ukrainian authorities, who had stopped transport links, were stupid. I think what is for the benefit of people and both states is a positive moment. I don’t know whether this effort will be successful, as they say, the ball is in Ukraine’s court," Fiks said.

After Crimea’s reunification with Russia, Ukraine’s authorities dismantled railway tracks to the peninsula, the first deputy parliament speaker said, noting that both Crimeans and Ukrainians regularly crossed the border to meet with their relatives and friends. This year, some 1 mln Ukrainians spent their vacation in Crimea, he said.

"If they make this decision and both countries approve of it, this will do good. Relations between Ukraine and Russia will start mending," he stressed.


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