Danger of ‘New Year Virus’ spreading on WhatsApp

Danger of ‘New Year Virus’ spreading on WhatsApp

The ‘New Year Virus’, which has just begun to spread, is a headache for internet users, especially smartphone owners. The virus, which manifests itself as a simple message, leads the person who unknowingly clicks to a malicious site. It is useful to take precautions for the virus which has not yet spread in our country, Somag News reports.

Malware continues to violate the privacy and security rights of Internet users. Every year, at least a few common viruses manage to scare themselves as a trend in the internet world. This year, we started with a virus that infects these virus streams through the popular messaging application WhatsApp.

‘New Year Virus’, which has been talked about for the last few hours, has started to make people uneasy. Although this virus is very ordinary and simple looking, it can be dangerous if the necessary conditions are met.

The content of the virus is simple but disturbing:

‘New Year Virus yay is spreading through WhatsApp messages that redirect to web pages that contain malicious files. Clicking on the links in these messages opens the way for the virus to infect your smartphone or computer. However, annoying, continuous advertisements, personal data requests, and membership offers to some services may also cause you headaches.

The virus is spreading in some countries and currently does not pose a major risk for Internet users in our country. Of course, nothing on the Internet requires a long time to spread. Therefore, it is useful to be informed and to take precautions.