Deputy Mayor of Sderot: Hamas is attacking us, hiding behind children and women

Deputy Mayor of Sderot: Hamas is attacking us, hiding behind children and women

Hamas militants, who have been firing rockets at the cities of Israel for a week, have so far only intensified attacks on civilian targets, while they themselves cover from retaliatory strikes with the bodies of children and women, so that there would be as many casualties among the peaceful Palestinians in the Gaza Strip as possible. Khava Nakhshonov, deputy mayor of the most attacked Israeli city of Sderot, said in an interview with Vestnik Kavkaza.

First of all, she stressed that every moment of peace in these days is the calm before the next storm. "At the moment, I am not seeing any reduction in tension here in Sderot. The shelling continues. Although everything has calmed down a bit right now, it only means that soon the rockets will rush in a large wave. So we are not relaxing," Khava Nakhshonov said.

The deputy mayor of Sderot drew attention to the fact that Israel is responding to the massive attacks by targeted destruction of Hamas infrastructure, some of which is deliberately located in residential areas of the Gaza Strip. “Our state, fortunately, is humane, and everything that is done is done with surgical precision. The Hamas aggression could have been stopped long ago, but terrorists are hiding behind the backs of the sick, children and women - including under hospitals and residential buildings. They are in schools and kindergartens. Israel is trying not to attack civilians, but it's hard to do that when the enemy is hiding behind their bodies," she said.

Khava Nakhshonov emphasized that Sderot, located just a couple of kilometers from Gaza, does not intend to give up and run. “We, the inhabitants of the south on the border with the Gaza Strip, are ready to wait as long as it takes to disarm the enemy - the common enemy of our people and the Arab people. The Arab people also suffer from terrorists and Hamas and Islamic Jihad. We want only one thing - for civilians both here and there to live a normal life and prosper," Deputy Mayor of Sderot said.

“It is important to tell the world community that Israel is not fighting the Arab people. Israel is fighting the terrorists who hide behind the Arab people,” she concluded.


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