Development of Russian-Azerbaijani dialogue discussed in Yekaterinburg

Development of Russian-Azerbaijani dialogue discussed in Yekaterinburg

Yesterday an international round table titled 'Russia-Azerbaijan: new trends of development of the bilateral dialogue: economy, politics, integration' was held as the part of the sixth Russian-Azerbaijani inter-regional forum in Yekaterinburg. The project is organized by the Political Science Center North-South to develop information and scientific relations with foreign countries.

The participants of the meeting noted that the current economic, political and humanitarian dialogue between Azerbaijan and Russia is developing steadily and dynamically in both bilateral and multilateral formats.

According to the associate professor of the History Faculty of the MSU named after M.V. Lomonosov, Ismail Agakishiyev, cooperation between Russia and Azerbaijan has reached a level of strategic partnership. However, according to the expert, there is untapped potential for increased cooperation in non-oil sectors, primarily in the spheres of agriculture and tourism. "There are certain reserves relating to the removal of bureaucratic obstacles, more effective government support for the initiatives of small and medium-sized businesses. These steps will lead to the intensification of trade and economic cooperation between the two countries. In this context, the role of inter-regional relations and inter-regional cooperation forums is very important," Agakishiyev stressed.

The editor-in-chief of Trend, Vagif Sharifov, also noted the high potential of trade and economic relations between Russia and Azerbaijan. According to the expert, joint projects in the production and transportation of the oil and gas industry are currently very important for bilateral contacts.

At the same time, it is necessary to improve the quality of mutual investments, and gradually reduce dependence on exports of raw materials. The main task is to search for new reserves of growth and properly placed priorities.

The experts named the close and trusting political contacts between the two countries as the foundation for the deepening of inter-state cooperation in the economic sphere. Ismail Agakishiyev assessed the socio-political situation in Azerbaijan before the elections as stable. "The country is developing, and we can see the results of this development watching the lives of ordinary citizens," the expert said.

The director of the Institute of Regional Problems, Dmitry Zhuravlev, noted that the foreign and internal political policies of President Ilham Aliyev are supported by the majority of Azerbaijanis. A common feature of our policies is the desire for stability. Stability is becoming an important political value for Azerbaijan and Azerbaijanis. Ilham Aliyev has managed to preserve the heritage, when the development of the country is the primary goal, and not a struggle for power.

Zhuravlev also noted that our political systems are very similar: "We have the same advantages and unique benefits associated with the peculiarities of the political model and the role of the individual."

The expert added that economic and social cooperation between the two countries is deep. The presence of a multi-vector policy doesn't make Russian-Azerbaijani cooperation difficult, but strengthens it.


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