Did Armenia take a break from provocations against Azerbaijan?

Did Armenia take a break from provocations against Azerbaijan?

Last night and earlier today, the Armenian armed forces stopped shelling Azerbaijani combat positions and settlements in the Tovuz region. According to he Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan, the situation on the border between the two countries is relatively calm.

Milli Majlis deputy Arzu Nagiyev, who is on the scene, told the correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza that the situation in the recent war zone is stable. "This is the only night since the beginning of the shelling, when there were no shots from high caliber firearms, although machine gun bursts were heard," he said.

"This morning I was in the Agdam village, which was fired earlier, spoke with people and I can say that the situation is completely controlled by the Azerbaijani Armed Forces. There is no panic, people are in their homes. There is a certain tension at the border, but this is better than what happened from Sunday to Tuesday," Arzu Nagiyev noted.

"Now I am in another village fired by Armenian artillery, Dondar Gushchu, and I also talk to people here about what happened. The village was shelled, one shell did not explode. Currently, the sapper is neutralizing it. In general, this night was calm," the Milli Majlis MP said.

Since the Armenian Armed Forces failed to achieve their main goal - taking strategic heights on the Azerbaijani side of the border - it can be expected that clashes will be resumed. "Since it allows you to control the terrain for many kilometers around, I think there will still be attempts to take this height. But the Azerbaijani army will not let this happen," Arzu Nagiyev concluded.