Dinosaur warns UN about human extinction (VIDEO)

Dinosaur warns UN about human extinction (VIDEO)

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) released a video using a CGI dinosaur to address the future of human existence amid the impending climate crisis.

The short film, launched today, as the centerpiece of a new ‘Don’t Choose Extinction’ campaign, urges world leaders to end fossil fuel subsidies which are “canceling out significant progress towards ending climate change and are driving inequality by benefitting the rich.”

Bursting into the iconic General Assembly Hall, famous for history-making speeches by leaders from around the world, the imposing dinosaur tells an audience of shocked and bewildered diplomats and dignitaries that “it’s time humans stopped making excuses and started making changes” to address the climate crisis.

UNDP research released as part of the campaign shows that the world spends an astounding $423 billion annually to subsidize fossil fuels for consumers – oil, electricity that is generated by the burning of other fossil fuels, gas, and coal.

This could cover the cost of COVID-19 vaccinations for every person in the world, or pay for three times the annual amount needed to eradicate global extreme poverty.

“At least we had an asteroid,” the dinosaur warns, referring to the popular theory explaining dinosaurs’ extinction 70 million years ago. “What’s your excuse?”

The dinosaur goes on to highlight how financial support for fossil fuels through subsidies –taxpayers’ money that helps keep the cost of coal, oil and gas low for consumers – is irrational and illogical in the face of a changing climate.

“Think of all the other things you could do with that money. Around the world people are living in poverty. Don’t you think that helping them would make more sense than… paying for the demise of your entire species?” the dinosaur says.