Does US get close to Russia's borders?

Does US get close to Russia's borders?

The deployment of the US armored division to Poland near the Russian border will undoubtedly negatively affect the already difficult relations between Moscow and Washington, the experts Alexei Mukhin and Mikhail Khodarenok said, speaking with correspondents of Vestnik Kavkaza.

The director of the Center for Political Information, Alexei Mukhin, recalled that Russia really has nothing to do with the United States, except contacts on the military line. "The Ministry of Defense can only ascertain the strengthening of NATO's infrastructure on the border with Russia," he expressed his opinion.

The expert noted that the hysteria over the joint Russian-Belarusian Zapad-2017 drills served as an information substrate for this expansion. "We understood very well what would happen next. Thus, the US has repeatedly demonstrated this method of expanding its military presence in Europe," Mukhin said.

According to him, it is regrettable that the countries of Europe allow their military occupation by the US.

The director of the Center for Political Information added that any military hysteria has some underlying reason. "In our case, we are talking about establishing an additional NATO military structure, the US, in Europe, with one single goal - to bent the European leadership to its will and win the European market, displacing Russia," the expert explained.

"Russia is a nuclear power, and our American colleagues must remember it," Alexei Mukhin concluded.

The editor-in-chief of the magazine 'Aerospace Defense', Mikhail Khodarenok, suggested that Russia's response would be purely verbal. "The construction of the armed forces of the Russian Federation is carried out in accordance with previously adopted plans, and there will be no drastic changes," he explained.

The expert stressed that such things as the deployment of the division cannot be carried out suddenly, respectively, the US has planned it for a long time, and this step is not directly related to the Zapad-2017 drills. The drills, in part, may have influenced some deadlines, but that's all, as it was planned in advance," the editor-in-chief of the magazine 'Aerospace Defense' said.

"I would not talk about military hysteria, but there will be no softening of mutual relations in the near future," Mikhail Khodarenok summed up.


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