Drug dealers detained across Georgia

Drug dealers detained across Georgia

Georgian police have arrested 20 drug dealers in various cities of Georgia such as Tbilisi - Ponichala district, Rustavi, Batumi, Kutaisi and Bolnisi municipality in Georgia's eastern Kvemo Kartli region today.

The police said that the detainees ‘were systematically selling drugs to citizens.’

Among the detainees are foreign citizens who ‘were the couriers of an organised group of drug dealers on the social media, the interior ministry reported.

Police seized a variety of drugs including nearly two kilos of heroin and 200 grams of cocaine, police also seized an Illegally purchased pistol from the house of a detainee. 

The special operation was held in Ponichala early this morning. The investigation is underway into the drug offences and illegal purchase, possession and carrying of firearms under Articles 260 and 236 of the Criminal Code of Georgia, Agenda.ge reported.

The crime is punishable from eight to 20 years in prison or life imprisonment.


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