Duda: we prepared to pay for construction of 'Fort Trump' in Poland

Duda: we prepared to pay for construction of 'Fort Trump' in Poland

US President Donald Trump said that Washington was looking at the proposal to build a new permanent American base in Poland "very seriously."

Polish President Andrzej Duda has confirmed his country's willingness to pay part of the hefty cost associated with the construction of a new US base on Poland's soil.

Speaking to TVP Polonia, Duda said that while "the cost of deploying such a base would be very large," Warsaw was ready to "undertake and finance preparatory activities, and the costs of preparing a place where the Americans could be stationed," with Washington expected to pick up the cost of the base's contents.

"We have long said that we are ready … to assume the financial obligations to prepare such place," Sputnik cited Duda as saying.

"I hope that such a base will appear," Duda stressed, emphasizing that it would be in the interests of both Poland and the United States.

During talks with President Trump in Washington on Tuesday, Duda is believed to have discussed the expansion of US-Polish military cooperation, as conducted negotiations on the possibility of the supply of more US arms to the country.


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