EU envoy heads back to Georgia to continue mediation

EU envoy heads back to Georgia to continue mediation

The EU mediator in the talks between the ruling Georgian Dream party and the opposition on the issues of repeat parliamentary elections and the release of opposition figures Christian Danielsson will travel back to Georgia by the end of the week to help the parties to come to an agreement on ‘two most challenging issues.’ 

Danielsson, who was sent to Georgia by European Council President Charles Michel on March 12, had spent a week in Georgia, more than scheduled, to help the parties come to an agreement. However, earlier on March 19 he left the country after mediation had ended without result. 

A press release issued after the mediation effort reads that the parties came to the agreement on three of five issues which included the election reform, justice reform and the distribution of power in the state legislature. 

According to a press release the parties could not come to an agreement on the ‘issues of elections and politicized justice.’ 

Danielsson met with Michel yesterday to inform him concerning the mediation process and Michel tweeted shortly that the mediator will travel back to the country, reported.


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