EU looks forward to seeing Georgian parties progress on dialogue

EU looks forward to seeing Georgian parties progress on dialogue

Vice-President of European Commission and High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell Fontelles said at the European Parliament that the EU is looking forward to seeing Georgian political parties progress on dialogue. 

Noting that Georgia remains EU's 'key associated partner", Borrell said the EU has "an ambitious association agreement’ with Georgia ‘that has offered crucial political association and economic integration with the EU". 

However, unhappily, the political situation in the country has been a cause of serious concerns in recent months due to increasing political polarisation. This situation risks undermining Georgia’s democracy, the EU VP said urging "all parties to step up efforts to deescalate the situation and to come together to identify and agree on common ground". 

Josep Borrell also mentioned the recent visit of European Council President Charles Michel in Georgia when the latter was engaged in discussion with the ruling and opposition political parties. Borrell said the EU will ‘follow closely’ the EU-backed mediation effort in Georgia.

He further underscored that all sides need to: contribute to agreeing to a compromise, respect the government to provide inclusive leadership putting the interest of the Georgian people first and refrain from provocative actions and rhetoric.

Meanwhile, the EU "sees as priorities the consolidation of democracy, including electoral reform, political stability and an inclusive parliamentarian process."

"A fair, independent, yet accountable judiciary is also of paramount importance. These are prerequisites for Georgia to further deepen its partnership with European Union in line with Association Agreement," Agenda cited Borrell as saying.

He said ‘we will have an opportunity to assess progress soon’ during the meeting with Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili at the association council on March 16.

Noting that "no country can thrive in a situation of political crisis for long’ Borrell said Georgian political actors ‘owe it to the Georgian people to offer a stable political context in which the country could recover from the Covid pandemic to build back better and rip the potential benefits of our Association Agreement to the fullest."

"Along with President Michel, we will encourage all political actors in Georgia to commit fully to the dialogue in a constructive spirit and with a  view to pursuing mutually agreeable outcomes in the interest of stable, democratic and reform-oriented Georgia able to successfully advance on its pro-European path", he further stated.


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