EU pledges allegiance to US in unprecedented way, Lavrov says

EU pledges allegiance to US in unprecedented way, Lavrov says

The European Union has pledged allegiance to the United States in a way never seen before, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told Channel One’s Great Game show on Thursday, commenting on an EU virtual summit that involved US President Joe Biden, TASS reports.

Lavrov pointed out that Russia did not seek confrontation with the US. According to him, even after Biden had made harsh remarks about Russian President Vladimir Putin in a TV interview, the Russian leader reiterated Moscow’s readiness to cooperate with Washington in order to ensure the interests of the two countries’ people and maintain international security.

The Russian top diplomat noted that if the US moved to threaten the peaceful coexistence of countries across the world, the policy would hardly be met with much support, and the European Union would probably stand alone aligning itself with the Americans. "The EU was quick to join the ranks and pledge allegiance. The statements that were made at the virtual EU summit, which involved Joe Biden, are unprecedented. I have never heard such an oath of allegiance," Lavrov said. "Moreover, the remarks that were made publicly exposed a lack of knowledge of the history of the United Nations and many other things," he added.

The Russian foreign minister emphasized that there still were no-nonsense politicians in the US who realized that the policy aimed at confrontation with Russia would lead nowhere. He noted that 27 US organizations had earlier urged the Biden administration to stop the use of "reckless" rhetoric with Russia and engage in "constructive bilateral talks." Lavrov stressed that Russia did not seek confrontation.


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