EU to assess progress in Georgia mediation talks in 2 weeks

EU to assess progress in Georgia mediation talks in 2 weeks

After his visit to Tbilisi to mediate the deepening political crisis in Georgia, European Council President Charles Michel said progress in talks between the ruling party and the opposition will be assessed in two weeks.

Michel’s attempt to mediate comes in a context of growing tensions in Georgia, with political parties currently mired in a deepening political crisis, which risks derailing the republic from its European path.

"It’s not a secret, for the strengthening and deepening between the EU and Georgia it is key to solve this political crisis," Michel said after the last minute late evening meeting between the governing Georgian Dream party and the opposition which he initiated.

Political dialogue in the country is "re-launched," Michel proclaimed after the talks, saying "this is a good step in the right direction".

However, he also expressed caution. "I am not naive, this is also a difficult and complex situation, it will mean that all political actors will have to be courageous in the next weeks in order to make progress.'

Michel announced that stock of progress made will be taken at the EU-Georgia Association Council  on 15 March.

Topics to be discussed in the meantime will reportedly include all contentious issues, including electoral and judicial reform, addressing politicised justice and the issue of prisoners, power sharing in the Parliament and future elections, EUractive reported.