EU to help migrants in Turkey

EU to help migrants in Turkey

The European Union will mobilize additional €3 bln for Syrians in Turkey in the coming two years, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini said at a UN-EU donor conference in Brussels.

"For Syrians in Turkey, the European Union and member states will uphold their commitments and mobilize additional 3 bln euro in the coming two years," she said.

According to Mogherini, the EU has so far devoted almost €11 bln to the Syrian people, both inside Syria and in the region. 

She added that the EU had "a very strict way of delivering aid that reaches the people," TASS reported.

A two-day international donor conference on Syria, which opened in Brussels on April 24, involves representatives of more than 85 countries and organizations. The conference’s participants are expected to raise funds to provide aid to the Syrian people, particularly refugees, as well as to discuss the recent developments in the country and the current state of the political process aimed at resolving the crisis. Damascus hasn’t been invited, unlike various Syrian non-governmental organizations most of which are based abroad.


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