Egypt can be opened for Russians already tomorrow

Egypt can be opened for Russians already tomorrow

Egypt’s aviation minister Sharif Fathi will travel to Russia to sign protocol agreements to allow the resumption of Russian flights that were suspended after the 2015 bombing of a tourist jet, Egyptian sources and Russia’s minister said.

Two Egyptian sources said the minister would leave on December 14 for Russia, but did not confirm the date for signing the agreement.

The two governments may sign a deal on December 15 allowing to resume Russian civilian flights, Russian Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov said today.

"We expect that he (the Egyptian minister) will come on Friday," RIA Novosi cited Sokolov as saying.

Asked whether an aviation security protocol with Egypt will be signed, he said: “We expect that it will be signed.”

Moscow halted civilian air traffic to Egypt in 2015 after militants detonated a bomb on a Russian Metrojet flight leaving the tourist resort of Sharm el-Sheikh and killing 224 people on board.