Elena Popova: retirement age won't rise soon

Elena Popova: retirement age won't rise soon

Today the senator of Volgograd region, Elena Popova, visited the studio of Vestnik Kavkaza. During the program Tribuna she spoke about one of the most debated issues in Russia today – a possible increase in the retirement age. According to the member of the Federation Council, we shouldn't expect any major changes in this area.

"The issue of raising the retirement age, of course, has been debated at many platforms for a long time. If we compare other countries that offer their citizens a later retirement, i.e. at the age of 63-65 years, we can see that they have a very high average life expectancy - about 85 years. It is 71 years in Russia. And there is also a big difference between the survival of men and women in retirement in Russian Federation. And if we are talking about men, the median age of survival in retirement age is five years. It is very small," the senator said.

"We believe that the quality of medical assistance creates the preconditions for an increase in life expectancy. And if we raise the average life expectancy to about 75 years, then, perhaps, we should agree with the offer of our government, for example to add about three months to the retirement age for each year of the increasing of the median age of survival," the senator said.

"Therefore we do not think that in the coming years some drastic changes will be made or that the period of retirement will be increased," Elena Popova summarized.


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