Eli Nacht explains Hamas unprecedented violence against Israel

Eli Nacht explains Hamas unprecedented violence against Israel

Hamas is looking for any pretext to renew their aggression against Israel, since it is attacks on the Israeli state and its citizens that make up the raison d'être of this group, Deputy Mayor of Ashdod Eli Nacht told Vestnik Kavkaza.

First of all, the official noted that 65 missiles were launched on Ashdod from Gaza Strip in a week. "This is a very high launch frequency and, of course, the attacks interfere with the normal life in Ashdod. This time it is noteworthy that they use medium-range missiles: first they fired at cities close to the Gaza Strip, then at Ashkelon, then Ashdod, Tel Aviv and the center of the country," he said.

Eli Nacht drew attention to the fact that a significant portion of the financial aid received by the Gaza Strip finances Hamas. "When the next military operation ends, Hamas spends no less than 75% of the received money on weapons. Hamas's policy is very simple, it is on their website, the flag and the anthem - they strive for complete destruction of Israel, " the Deputy Mayor of Ashdod stressed.

"And therefore Hamas is looking for any reason to renew attacks against Israel, as soon as its leadership decides that they have enough weapons. They cling to any reason, to any excuse to attack, but their real goal is to destroy Israel. They are using the conflict to distract the attention of the Gaza Strip population from their own dire humanitarian situation: forget you have nothing to eat, that you have electricity only five hours a day and water - every four days, don't think about it, think about the enemy we have, let's unite against him. These are the reasons for Hamas's aggression," Eli Nacht said.

At the same time, Israel will try to do everything possible to stop the Hamas aggression with few losses. "Israel understands that a ground operation will be much more costly in terms of losses. If the lives of their soldiers and civilians are not important to them, then it is important for us. Therefore, Israel is doing everything possible to save our soldiers and achieve tactical goals with no troops entering the Gaza Strip," the Deputy Mayor of Ashdod concluded.