"Entire generation poisoned by Soros"

"Entire generation poisoned by Soros"

Open Society Foundations, or Soros Foundation, is known throughout the world as previously anti-Soviet and now anti-Russian institute, which tries to undermine Russian statehood and weaken Moscow's ties with the post-Soviet space. 

Its activities can also be seen in the work of "non-profit organizations" network and controlled mass media that publish fake news about Russia and its neighbors. One of the examples is a recent article, published by The Guardian, about "secret Azerbaijani fund", which secretly pays Rosoboronexport. 

Those Russian media that are publishing these fakes de facto support billionaire George Soros in his fight against Russia. 

In an interview with Vestnik Kavkaza, chairman of Izborsk club Alexander Prokhanov drew attention to the fact that the Soros Foundation's attacks Moscow since in was created. 

"This is a powerful organization, which initially always came to places where Soviet power was weak, started to cooperate with power structures, sponsored all sorts of political and cultural anti-Soviet projects. After the collapse of the USSR, it sponsored the same type of people, but now anti-Russian projects in the former Soviet republics. This is a very strong and effective organization, which brought us a lot of harm, because it paid for history books, these books were read by children. The entire generation was poisoned by Soros," he noted.

He explained the attack against Azerbaijan by the desire of the Soros Foundation to prevent rapprochement between the republic and Russia. "The relations between Baku and Moscow have improved in recent months, and my visit to Baku at the invitation of President Ilham Aliyev also happened because of the desire to bring our intellectual, economic and military circles closer. It really happens, which is extremely worrying for the West. I think it's also worrying for Yerevan, and pehaps Yerevan also participated in this information attack."

He also condemn Russian state-owned media that publish such anti-Russian materials.

Political consultant Oleg Kuznetsov also explained this article as a desire to damage Russian-Azerbaijani ties. "Russia and Azerbaijan are linked by longstanding economic, military-political and other ties. Opponents of Azerbaijan are not happy about this, and they are ready to create any fakes in order to discredit these ties. Acting exclusively in their own interests, they are using global geopolitical situation in order to discredit the ties between Russia and Azerbaijan and achieve their goals.To In order to compromise our mutual economic interests they create fake news and use all possible human and financial resource," he said.


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