Erdogan: EU member states insincere

Erdogan: EU member states insincere

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has condemned an EU summit with Arab League nations, calling the EU "insincere" for displaying amiable behavior in Egypt which had executed nine men a few days earlier.

"The EU is against death penalties and execution is prohibited in EU member countries. So how can one speak about democracy in these EU states, which accepted the invitation of Sisi, who executed nine young men last week?" Hurriyet Daily cited him as saying.

The Turkish leader was referring to the execution of nine suspected Muslim Brotherhood members on February 20 for the 2015 assassination of the country’s top prosecutor Hisham Barakat.

Erdogan also stressed that this behavior of the EU "shows how insincere" the bloc is.

The first joint two-day EU-Arab League summit was held in Egypt’s Sharm el-Sheikh on February 24-25.