Erdogan: Israel and US threaten peace in Syria

 Erdogan: Israel and US threaten peace in Syria

Israeli strikes on Iranian facilities in Syria and military assistance from the U.S. to Kurdish formations in this country threaten peace in the Middle East, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said.

"Israel has already inflicted more than 50 missile strikes on Syria, provoking a new war in the region…. It is impossible to give a positive assessment of such steps. What is the purpose of these missile strikes? We cannot confirm the fact of strikes from the Syrian territory towards Israel, which was the pretext for missile strikes against Syria," Erdogan said during his visit to the UK.

"The United States has sent 5,000 trucks with weapons to Syria. Two thousand transport aircraft with weapons landed in Syria. Why so many weapons? The US has started an arms race in the region," Sputnik cited the president as saying.

"Of course, the actions of the U.S. disappoints Turkey, we consider dangerous any steps that threaten peace in the region. Therefore, Washington's approach to the situation in the region are unacceptable," Erdogan added.

He stressed that the joint steps taken by Turkey, Russia and Iran contribute to peace in Syria, while Ankara was not able to take similar steps with the West countries.


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