Erdogan: Turkey has no insoluble contradictions with Russia or US

Erdogan: Turkey has no insoluble contradictions with Russia or US

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, speaking today at the opening ceremony of a lithium carbonate processing plant in Eskisehir, stressed that the republic does not have any insurmountable obstacles in relations with all countries of the world.

Erdogan clarified that there are no insoluble contradictions with Russia, the United States,  neighboring countries, China and the European Union, Anadolu news agency informs. He also expressed confidence that Turkey will take its rightful place in global geopolitics and the world economy.

The President drew attention to the fact that it is no longer possible to manipulate Turkey from outside by means of pressure. "We will not stop and show indecision. Every process in the region and the world confirms the strength and significance of Turkey," he said.

"We will not allow harm to the efforts of transforming Turkey into a great and strong power. We are ready for dialogue and agreement with all countries ready to show respect for the sovereignty, laws and potential of our country," Recep Tayyip Erdogan added.

One of the directions of the country's struggle for occupying a worthy place in the modern world order is economic development. The President stressed that this requires the more efficient use of national natural resources. "For many decades, Turkey's subsoil wealth has not been fully exploited, which is an indicator of sabotage of the country's development efforts," he said, adding that there are people who are still hindering economic growth.


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