Erdogan: Turkey may launch new Syria offensive

Erdogan: Turkey may launch new Syria offensive

Turkey may launch a military operation into Syria’s Idlib province if the situation is not resolved immediately, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said.

Erdogan said Ankara will not allow new threats near its borders, even if it meant resorting to military power, as it did in its three previous cross-border operations in northern Syria.

"We will do what is necessary when someone is threatening our soil. We will have no choice but to resort to the same path again if the situation in Idlib is not returned to normal quickly," the Turkish leader noted.

"We will not refrain from doing what is necessary, including using military force,"  he said, adding Turkey wants stability and security in Syria.

"We will not allow the regime to put our country under the constant threat of migrants by tormenting, attacking, spilling the blood of... its people,” Reuters cited Erdogan as saying.