Erdogan: Turkey resolutely advancing on its own path

Erdogan: Turkey resolutely advancing on its own path

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that modern Turkey is strong enough to resist any attempts of pressure from outside.

"A quarter of a century ago, they could have put Turkey in a deep crisis with a $3-5 million economic operation," he said. "Today, we are facing an operation 10-20 times as big, but still we are not experiencing an economic collapse as was expected,," President Erdogan added. 

The Turkish leader added that modern Turkey, despite facing daily economic and political attacks, is "resolutely advancing on its own path."

He also said that his country is working with Russia and Iran to prevent a disaster in Syria’s Idlib.

"We are working with Russians and Iranians to prevent another Aleppo-like disaster in Idlib," Erdogan said at the graduation ceremony for the Turkish Military Academy's Kara Harp School.

Erdogan also addressed the economic attacks the US has staged against Turkey in recent months, Daily Sabah reported.


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