Erdogan blasts Biden’s 'unfounded' remarks on 1915 events

Erdogan blasts Biden’s 'unfounded' remarks on 1915 events

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan denounced U.S. President Joe Biden's "unfounded" statement on the events of 1915, saying it is "contrary to the facts."

Addressing a news conference in Ankara, Erdogan said "U.S. President Biden made a statement that is unfounded, unjust and contrary to the facts about the painful events that took place more than a century ago."  

The Turkish leader calls U.S. counterpart’s recent remarks on events of 1915 ‘unfounded, contrary to facts’

Expressing his and the Turkish nation's "immense" distress over Biden's statement, Erdogan once more stated that the U.S. president's remarks "have no historical and legal basis."

On a proposed joint history commission on Armenian claims, Erdogan said Turkey is yet to receive a response to its offer. "We have assured researchers of the commission of access to our archives, but other parties have not responded," Anadolu Agency cited him as saying.


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